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We include the links below with the proviso that other sites may cease to exist or change their URLs. If you find one of these links does not work, feel free to email that information to us. In addition, please remember that following links from pages we link to could lead you to content you find objectionable. We hope that does not happen, but we have no control over the content of other sites.

HWPCE Statement on Israel/Gaza: PDF
HWPCE Peace Platform: PDF

HW Peace Newsletters
For your interest: Here are PDFs of our past newsletters.
Summer, 2006
Fall, 2007
Summer, 2008
Fall, 2008 issue

War in Iraq
Cost of the War
The World Still Says No to War

A Few Other Peace Organizations
Cities for Peace
Peace Action
Gray Panthers
Ann Arbor Area Committee for Peace
Veterans for Peace - Washtenaw Chapter

Accuracy checking websites
Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting

Miscellaneous Related Links
Calendar of Local Peace & Justice Events
Conservatives Use Language to Dominate Politics (UC Berkeley Professor)
Democracy Now!
Open Society Institute

Informational Websites (listed in alphabetical order)
Alternative news (Alternet)
Center for Nonviolent Communication
Orion Online Magazine
Thom Hartmann

Free Speech Issues
Free Speech Kept Off US Streets (Toronto Star)

Department of Justice Links Relating to the PATRIOT Act
Senators & Representatives Who Voted For/Against
Dispelling the Myths

Alternative News Outlets: Television and Radio
Comedy Central: The Daily show with John Stewart political satire and commentary [Weeknights at 11pm - rerun next day at 7pm - Monday thru Thursday]

C-SPAN (House) and C-SPAN (Senate) offer more than just the coverage
of Congressional activity. These sometimes boring stations can offer an insightful look at the process of government.

NPR: WUOM (91.7), the Michigan Radio station in Ann Arbor, has news you won't hear anyplace else. They also have political and social commentary weekdays.